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Tri-Tip Pump Adapter

Tri-Tip Pump Adapter

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The best packraft pump just got a little better.  This adapter allows the Pack-A-Pump from Alpacka Raft to be used on a variety of packraft valves including the commonly used Leafield D7 and Boston valves.  It also integrates with traditional Alpacka inflation tube valves used on floors and seats, allowing you to inflate or temper your boat without going to shore.

When not in use, the adapter fits perfectly inside the grip of the Pack-A-Pump. 

Buy this item in combination with any other two pumps or adapters and receive a 10% discount on the bundle.  Discount automatically applied in cart.

Special Thanks:

This product was co-designed with Luke from BluuGnome who modeled most of the complex geometry.  Check out more of his designs at


  • Threaded for the Leafield D7 valve on Kokopelli rafts which allows you to easily inflate one handed or while floating.
  • Interior of the adapter cone perfectly fits on inflation tubes for seats and floors, allowing you to pump them even while sitting inside the boat.*
  • Tapered cone for a press fit in most Boston valves.
  • Base of the adapter can press fit onto battery powered pumps like the Gigapump, Feather Pump, and other Flextail models.
  • Allows use of the Alpacka inflation bags on the floor and foot pillows, as well as adapting to the inflation bag for use on some sleeping pads.
  • By attaching the adapter to the suction side of a battery pump, you can deflate floors and seats very quickly and tightly.

Note: Because this adapter can seal on inflation tubes that are normally inflated by mouth or with low pressure pumps, you must be very careful not to over-inflate these chambers as the pressure generated by a Pack-A-Pump will easily blow these components apart.


Weight: 14g, .5oz
Material: TPU


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