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Injuring Eternity Sticker

Injuring Eternity Sticker

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This is durable vinyl sticker is designed by Jeremie Lamart at Injuring Eternity

Size: 3″ × 3″ Circle

In 2010, the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver Canada, and I had picked up a temporary job driving shuttle buses around the Village.  At the time I was chasing seasonal jobs between Alaska in the summer and anywhere warm in the winter.  For such a small time commitment, the Olympics gig paid very well, leaving me enough money to take off the rest of 2010 to hike the PCT.  

However, less than a month before I left for Canada, I got an invite on a 24 day Grand Canyon river trip. In my mind, this was the trip of a lifetime, and I figured if I didn’t go now, I might never get another invite in my life.  

When I showed up to the ramp that February, there were a dozen people I’d never met before and I worried I’d made a mistake.  One of the boatmen was wearing a hat that said “My Take Home Pay Won’t Take Me Home.” Given that I’d just walked away from a pretty decent pay day so I could shiver my ass off for almost a month on a winter Grand trip, I found the hat pretty funny.

Obviously, the Grand Canyon blew my mind, and I was instantly scheming how I could spend more time on the river.  My partner gifted me that hat at the end of the trip, and I rocked it on many backcountry trips until it finally died a few years later.  

Last year, I was chatting with Jeremie from Injuring Eternity, and I asked him if he'd be interested in a commission to design a sticker for me with that same phrase.  Jeremie first popped up on my radar almost a decade ago when he was publishing packrafting photo and video trip reports that often featured his hand drawn illustrations. His international trips were mega-inspiring to me then and now, and I am super excited to release this sticker featuring one of his illustrations.  

You can check out more of his work on Instagram.

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