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Ultralight Frame Stays

Ultralight Frame Stays

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Custom shaped from Easton 7075 Aluminum Tubing, these stays will shave between 2.4 and 3.0 ounces off your pack weight (depending on torso size.) Compared to a typical stock 6061 aluminum flat bar stay, these are lighter, stronger and stiffer.

This upgrade is compatible with any backpack that uses a dual stay suspension design, like Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Sizes are based on actual measurements of the stays, and the "stock" shapes are designed specifically for Hyperlite Mountain Gear packs. If you have a pack from a different manufacturer, or between lengths send me a note and I can confirm compatibility and cut to size.


Small - 18 inches
Weight, pair: 34g | 1.2 oz

Medium - 19.5 inches
Weight, pair: 37g | 1.3 oz

Large - 21 inches
Weight, pair: 41g | 1.45 oz

Tall - 22.5 inches
Weight, pair: 44g | 1.6 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are these different from stays that come with my pack?
Stock frame stays for ultralight backpacks are usually made of ½ or ⅜ inch wide aluminum flat bar stock, similar to what can be found at the local hardware store. These flat bars can easily be formed to fit the contours of your back, which makes them ideal for guaranteeing they will fit as many body types as possible, especially if you prefer to bend your stays into a nonstandard shape. That malleability comes at a cost though - flat bars are less rigid and more prone to collapse, and of course, much heavier compared to a stronger and more rigid 7075 alloy tube. By contrast, these custom stays are not able to be reshaped in the field.

How do I know if these will fit my body shape?

Every body shape is different, so it is impossible to guarantee these will work for everyone. That said, I've now made a lot of these and they've all worked perfectly. If you’ve never had to bend a stay to make a pack fit before, the "stock" curve on these stays would probably work well for you. If the first thing you do when you buy a new pack is bend the frame into some irregular shape, it might be more complicated. That said, I have now built a fairly efficient process where I can match the curve of the stays as closely as possible with your existing stays. All it takes is for you to email me a photo of your current stays with a tape measure laid next to them, taken as straight on as possible. I can then modify the bend to closely match the shape. I am also able to send a photo of the bent stays compared with your current stays to confirm they are close.

How strong are they?

I have not done a truly scientific test, but based on my own experiences, these custom stays are much stiffer vertically and much more effective at preventing torso collapse. They are easily as strong as the stock 6061 bar with one possible asterisk. If you were to say, drop your pack and it landed on a sharp object, it’s possible that the impact may crack the stay where it is possible a softer alloy might just bend or deform.

With the asterisk out of the way, I’ve now sold quite a few of these stays, and they have performed flawlessly on some big trips, including a 50 day traverse of the Grand Canyon with pack weights pushing 50 pounds in some stretches.

Do you ship internationally?

I am unable to ship frame stays internationally. Due to the irregular shape of the box, the shipping cost is prohibitive. I am only able to ship via USPS Priority Mail within the United States.

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