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Pack-A-Pump with Tri-Tip Adapter

Pack-A-Pump with Tri-Tip Adapter

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Tri-Tip Adapter for Pack-A-Pump (Color)

The best packraft pump just got a little better. This bundle includes the Tri-Trip adapter with the Alpacka Raft Pack-A-Pump for compatibility with most major packraft valves on the market. 

The Pack-A-Pump features a polycarbonate tubing and a direct thread interface with Alpacka valves so that it is half the size and weight of the K-Pump mini at only 7ounces and just over 10 inches long. It's the perfect size to fit in your pack or bow bag, but still top off your boat in about 30-40 pumps. And being the weight and space savers that we are, we added internal storage to the pump handle so you can keep your repair essentials and Cargo Fly maintenance kit on hand at all times.

The Pack-A-Pump is only compatible with the Leafield D7, Boston Valve and inflation tubes when combined the Tri-Tip Adapter.


  1. Inflate your Alpacka Raft with the inflation bag.
  2. Once inflated, twist the Pack-A-Pump clockwise onto the threads of your valve (Not compatible with other valves).
  3. Pump your Pack-A-Pump until your boat is firm to the touch (1.5 - 2.0 PSI). Never exceed 2.5 PSI (hard to the touch).
  4. Unthread the pump by turning it clockwise and screw the valve cap back onto the valve.
  5. Temper your boat by putting it in the water and splashing it down. This will cause air in the tubes to contract. Repeat steps 1-4 until your boat is firm to the touch while in the water.

Warning: Overinflating your packraft or leaving a fully tempered packraft in the sun can cause irreversible damage to your packraft and Cargo Fly zipper and is not covered by warranty. Always reduce your air pressure any time you are on shore taking a break from paddling. Retemper your packraft when you are ready to paddle again.

Plunger Storage Instructions

  1. Untwist the blue cap on the pump.
  2. Fill the plunger tube with small items to store (repair kit, sharps, cargo fly maintenance, etc.).
  3. Twist the cap back on the pump and tighten.

Note: Avoid storing loose repair glues like Aquaseal in the pump as they may burst if during the pumping process. Protect them by wrapping in a soft cloth or plastic bag.


The Pack-A-Pump includes a spare o-ring and lubricant packet (TiZip lubricant can also be used). The Pack-A-Pump is pre-lubricated, but with frequent use you will need to relubricate the o-ring when the pump gets dirty or dry. To service, remove the retaining screws and withdraw the plunger assembly. Clean the tube and plunger head with a soft cloth if dirty. Apply a bead of lubricant to the o-ring and the inside of the barrel. Reassemble the pump and you are ready to go. If your o-ring wears out or breaks, replace with the spare o-ring located in the bottom of the pump barrel.


Dimensions: 10.25 x 2.5 | 26 x 6.4 cm

Weight: 7oz | 200g

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